Monday, April 26, 2010

"AWAKENING AVERY" BOOK LAUNCH GIVEAWAYS, week 5, "Meet the Thompson Siblings"

I'm still feeling the energizing effects of the Storymakers' Conference and the Whitney Awards banquet. There are so many great ideas in my head--words I'm dying to get down on my new WIP, (work in progress), but let's take a moment to get this week's contest posted.

We're meeting Avery's adult children--the Thompson siblings--who are reeling following the death of their father. Not only are they struggling to make sense of their loss individually, they've begun to hover protectively over their mother, Avery, as if they are now HER parents.

All their relationships have been altered by grief and fear, and Avery is forced to admit that their personal trauma is taking a much greater toll than she wanted to believe.

Wes, her oldest son, is a returned missionary making no obvious effort to date or build a family of his own. Jaime, Avery's only daughter, is married, but her loss is manifesting itself in her inability or unwillingness to depend on anyone, including her husband. Luke, Avery's youngest, is nineteen and directionless. Anger and insecurity has replaced his once-playful personality.

Awakening to this new reality compels Avery to find a way to help her family heal, but how? She wants to hunker down at home in Logan, Utah and ride out the grief, but anger over their father's disregard of doctors' orders threatens their once-happy memories of home.

Avery is reluctant at first to accept Wes's invitation to return to Anna Maria Island, a favorite family vacation spot, to reclaim their peace, but her children's coddling and the unnerving shift in parent/child roles proves to be an unbearable alternative. Even though her own faith is running thin, Avery steps up, claims her post at the top of the family tree, and takes the gamble of her life to save her family.

One of the changes in behavior Avery notices in her children is the shift from "Mom" to "Mother," and the annoying way their voices rise at the end when they address her, as if they're speaking to a child. I write this because this is my pet peeve with my own kids. . . Ahem. . .

So here is this week's post topic:

What do your kids do or say that really gets your goat?

This week's prize is a box of "Wanderama" static electricity toys or an autographed copy of "AWAKENING AVERY." You must be a follower of this blog to enter, so newcomers are invited to sign up.

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Thanks for playing! I have absolutely loved all the previous weeks' submissions.


  1. My kids are grown and gone; but when they come for a visit and get together, they reminisce about stunts they pulled while at home. I'm sure that there are major exaggerations and it get's my goat that they think that their shenanigans are amusing and that they put one over on their parents.

  2. My son is age 8 and for years we have struggled with being on time in the morning and getting off to school. I make him lists, I have him look at clocks, I practically do everything for him most mornings-and we always seem to just barely get to school and church on time. he is so laid back and just seems to go slow with everything he does-it drives me crazy. and i know he can be faster because if its saturday and there is something he wants to do with his dad or grampa-he sure gets up and dressed in a hurry!! :-) he is such a great boy though and good helper, so i try not to become too frustrated.

  3. What my kids can do to get my goat….”let me count the ways”. And I could count the numerous ways but all in all they are good.
    I remember the time very well. It was just after our debit card was swiped and almost worn out due to all of the week’s worth of purchases at the happiest place on earth….Also one of the most expensive in my opinion…Disney World.
    We had a great week together. We bought fun foods, fun souvenirs, great photo opts, and all the rides our quick pass allowed. We did everything each girl wanted. We had pictures with every character the girls wanted. We did as much as a family of five could do at Disney in one full week. We watched the fireworks together, the parades and walked thru the castle. You get the picture. It was our last day as we packed the van for our wonderful ride home that they got me. It is no accident that our children are called “kids”….because they do get our goats often. The words were uttered…..we are bored. That did it. We were in the Disney parking lot of all places to have those words come out of anyone’s mouth. Bored. It was the longest ride home.

  4. Oh my!! I don't want to get started, but one of the things that my kids say lately that really gets on my nerves seems to be the whole... " after this is over", or "I'll do it in a minute"

    They seem to think that the world revolves around them, which I've always been sure to show them that it doesn't (except maybe on their birthday) but for some reason they just don't think they need to jump up and follow through on the task assigned to them right away. It gets so irritating to me.

    We're making changes around here, and that is one of those things to be addressed really soon.

    I'm excited to read this book, and I'm sorry to say that I've never heard of you or your work, so I'm happy to be getting exposed to new authors. I love to read, and look forward to getting a copy of this book.

  5. I added your link to your first chapter to my blog page. I also added your blog link to my blog, and I'm a follower of your blog. I can hardly wait to read the rest of the story.

  6. I'm hearing you, ladies. My kids are all grown now, and I can give you hope in knowing that some of these situations will make great stories in the future when the family gathers. My spirited, precocious ones still have those qualities, tempered now, and they're still my favorite people on earth. So keep doing what you're doing, plugging away, smiling through the trauma. "This too, is only for a small season."

  7. Jake says, "Mom, can I play a video game?" No, not tonight. 5 min. later, "Mom, can I play a video game?" No, you cannot. 5 min. later, "Mom, can I play a video game?" I already told you no. 5 min. later, "Mom, can I play a video game?" I'm only getting a little exasperated at this point..... NO, you cannot play a video game!!!!! 5 min. later, "Mom, can I play a video game?" IF YOU ASK ME ONE MORE TIME........YOU ARE GOING TO BED!!!!!!

  8. My grandson Tommy just pulled the winning name from a bowl, and the winner of this week's drawing is. . . . . . . .
    Melanie! Congratulations, Melanie! Send me an email with your mailing address and your choice of an autographed book or the Wanderama toys, and I'll send your prize off in two weeks, as soon as I return home from my trip.

    Next week's prize is AMAZING!