Saturday, May 1, 2010


Some of the most powerful sermons on faith are found in Moroni 7. I've read that chapter many, many times, but comprehension and inspiration are dependent upon the reader's readiness to receive, and luckily, last night I was evidently ready.

I can't say what made me ready, other than today I really needed that lesson and the peace that comes with knowing that everything is ultimately in God's hands. I didn't feel any particular sense of urgency or need last evening, but fortunately, the Lord must have.

Today was a hard day, and when hard days come, whatever aspect of your life is out of kilter suddenly dwarfs everything else. The family can be fine, the weather can be beautiful, your house can be enjoying one of those clean-inside-and-out miracles, and the bank account can have an extra jingle, but get bad news, suffer writer's block, have a falling out with a friend, do something socially awkward, be hurt by someone, be forgotten or forget something critical to someone else, and that one painful element will cloud all the rest.

I had one of the above happen today. Grateful I am for the scriptures I read last night--the reminders about faith, and faith's relationship to miracles, charity and hope. I'm grateful that after all we can do, the rest is up to the Lord. We can give our very best as we love, write, work, prepare a lesson, comfort a friend, counsel a child, serve our neighbor and build the kingdom, and if it was our very best effort, it was enough. There is peace in knowing that.

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