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A friend passed this cute idea idea along to me, and since I'm back at work on the final book of Free Men and Dreamers, I snapped up this chance to fill my blog with something cute that I didn't have to write. Lazy? You bet, but I looking at it as a lovely December blogger-gift. Sadly, the cute graphics didn't come through clearly, and my technology-challenged brain doesn't know how to post them and keep them sharp. So if you'd like the entire spread, in full color, emial me at and I'll forward Enjoy!

12 Days of Christmas

This is a set of gifts to give to friends, neighbors or family for the Twelve Days of Christmas. Technically, the twelve days of Christmas start with Christmas and go until January 6th, but for this gift, you can use it more like an advent, starting on the 13th of December and ending on Christmas Eve.

Wrap each item and attach a tag with the poem for each day listed below. If you fold the poem over itself then they won’t read it before the day and know what it is – Just leave the Picture Number showing. The gifts can be given in a box or a sack with the first initial poem attached.

Some of these items could be used to help them build their storage so you could buy more than one for that purpose.

Here is your shopping list for the Twelve Days:
Day 1: Can of pearsDay 2: Package of Chocolate Doves and Turtles Candy BarDay 3: Chicken Noodle SoupDay 4: ChapstickDay 5: Can of Pineapple RingsDay 6: Graham Crackers, Chocolate Bars & Large MarshmallowsDay 7: Sparkling WaterDay 8: Milk DudsDay 9: Epsom Salt or Bath SaltsDay 10: Starburst Candy Day 11: Bubbles! Day 12: Christmas CD


Poem for Box or Sack–

Day 1: Can of pears
Now in the song, it's a partridge and pear -When I looked, my trees were all bare.So I ran to the store at a hurried pace.Pears they had plenty, but no birds in the place!

Day 2: Package of Chocolate Doves and Turtles Candy Bar
Did you know two turtle doves areExtremely hard to find?So here are Turtles ‘n Dove—The chocolate candy kind!

Day 3: Chicken Noodle Soup
Three French Hens are chickensWhether they are French or not!So here is chicken soupTo heat in your pot.

Day 4: Chapstick
When Four Calling Birds cackleTheir mouths get all dryTheir lips start to crackleSo give this a try!

Day 5: Can of Pineapple Rings
Only Five Golden Rings?There really are moreOf gold pineapple ringsI got from the store.

Day 6: Graham Crackers, Chocolate Bars, Marshmallows
Six Geese a Laying * Sigh * we're back to those birds!I tried taking their eggs but their cries could be heard.So I gave up and went all the way to the store, To get you ingredients to make delicious s’mores.

Day 7: Sparkling Water
The Seven Swans were swimming in water so clearIt sparkled and shimmered, I shed not a tearInstead I felt thirsty, a drink would be niceSo here’s sparkling water, now you add the ice!

Day 8: Milk Duds
The Eight Maids were all milking,Milk foaming like suds.And then they all vanished Just leaving "Milk Duds".

Day 9: Epsom Salt or Bath Salts
Nine Ladies Dancing, they put on a show,Their feet got so tired, wouldn't you know.From dancing all night, they had aching feet,So here are some bath salts to give your toes a treat.

Day 10: Starburst Candy
Ten Lords a-Leaping.Who could reach the stars first?To send back to usThese delicious "star bursts".

Day 11: Bubbles!
Eleven Pipers were piping – A wondrous sight.'Cause the pipes they were blowing made bubbles so light.Want to join in?
Here are some bubbles for you.Blow lots of big ones
And have lots of fun, too.

Day 12: Christmas Music CD
Twelve drummers drumming –
How they're hurting my head.They gave me a headache,
I just went to bed.Music should be soothing, a listening pleasure. So here's a Christmas CD for you to treasure.

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