Thursday, December 2, 2010

Joan Soward's, "THE STAR PROPHECY"

Three-time author, Joan Sowards, debuts an LDS Christmas charmer in her new release, “The Star Prophecy.” The supposition of a young Nephite man who journeys to seek the Christ Child is original and timely, a read that resonates with LDS readers across the board. From the backliner:

“You are crazy. No Nephite has ever returned.”

Most people laugh when they hear of Enoch’s dream of returning to Jerusalem to find the infant Messiah. Even Enoch's future father-in-law mocks him when he asks for a postponement of the long-awaited wedding to his beloved Rebekah. A few take Enoch seriously—the shipbuilder Omnihah, Enoch's teacher David, and Nephi the prophet.

Five years previously, a Lamanite named Samuel had stood on the wall of Zarahemla and prophesied that “five years more cometh” and the Christ would be born in Jerusalem. Time is running out! Enoch knows he must set sail across the great waters in search of his dream—to see the face of the Messiah.

The Star Prophecy is a surprising story of courage and love, faith and fortitude. Sail with Enoch and friends across the sea through hardship and adventure in search of the Christ Child.

What other authors have said about Joan Sowards “The Star Prophecy:”

"I love Joan Sowards' inventive mind. She begins this adventurous tale with 'what if?' and tells it so well that the reader closes the book thinking 'why not?' The Star Prophecy adds a surprising new dimension to the Christmas story." --Liz Adair, author of “Counting the Cost”

"Action-adventure, romance, inspirational, and historical fiction all rolled into one make the Star Prophecy and exciting page turner." --Margaret L. Turley, author of “Save the Child”

Sowards work crosses into many genres, but each of her books is rooted in LDS standards and culture. Says the author, “The Star Prophecy" begins its tale in the land of the Nephites. "Haunts Haven" is a paranormal mystery romance. "Chocolate Roses" is pure romance with a Jane Eyre parallel. I haven't been able to get away from the LDS genre, I guess, because it is so ingrained in me.”

Sowards credits her daughter with the inspiration behind The Star Prophecy, but there is another tender family element driving that inspiration.

“My daughter came home from Institute class with the premise for The Star Prophecy. I loved it! . . . I felt electrifying tingles come over me, the ideas began to flow and I wrote the first draft in three months--an incredible experience! The main character, whose quest it is to find the infant Messiah, is named Enoch after my nephew, a beautiful, bright child, who passed away at the age of four.”

With three books now credited to her, Joan Sowards knows which aspects of the writing craft are the most and least appealing to her.
“I love crafting the story, plotting, writing subplots. The final editing process can be exhausting, but I'm grateful for my editor! … As soon as Haunts Haven hit the stores, I was expected to promote it and myself. I've never felt comfortable with that.”

The author also has generous praise for her mentor, LDS author Kerri Blair, and her ANWA writing group, for their support and tutelage. Sowards has this advice for aspiring readers:
“Don't give up. Be ready for when you are ‘in the right place at the right time.’ Learn the craft of writing and be open for critiquing. There's a lot to be learned from other writers.”

And what is Joan Sowards working on now?

“I'm writing a story about a recent ASU college grad who takes a summer journalist job in a seaside village in Oregon. The working title is Clairvoyance. I love the characters.”

Getting to know the author…

Favorite food? Mexican
Favorite dessert? Anything chocolate

Jeans and T-shirt, or designer clothes? Jeans, but I believe in dressing up for church.

Guilty pleasure? Ice Cream.

Favorite flower? Roses

Q: Where can we purchase your novels?
At LDS bookstores and on Amazon.

The Star Prophecy

Chocolate Roses

Haunts Haven

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Thank you, Joan!
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