Monday, February 22, 2010


2010 has begun with a mixed bag of highs and lows. Fortunately, all the "lows" are now moving into the "blessings" category, and in between all the 2010 "adventures of health and snow," I did get to enjoy a great visit out west with family and a successful promotional tour for "Dawn's Early Light," during which time I picked up a publisher for a novel I've been shopping around, which will be published in April.

It's good news. But as my birthday drew near, I think Tom knew we each needed to "step away from our respective computers" and just get away from the shovels, the vacuum cleaners, the phones and work. He was planning to surprise me, but knowing that I was still struggling with this bronchial thing, he approached me with his plan, and I leaped at the idea.

We only drove about an hour and a half away, to Annapolis, but it's a place we both love. The city's history is exquisite--sections of it remain as though frozen in time . The Maryland State House sits in the center with streets that veer off like spokes from a wheel, each lined with period homes that seem frozen in time.

The inscription on this cannon reads: "This cannon was brought from England by the first settlers, March 25th 1634, mounted on the walls of the fort at Old St. Mary's." Pretty cool, huh?

Maryland's State House is the oldest still in use for legislative business. As you can guess, it has a prestigious history. It was the place George Washington reported to in order to retire his commission after the Revolutionary War. It also served as the capital of the new republic from a short time.

We also love the harbor area with all the boats and shops. Several movies, like "Patriot Games," were shot in this historic area, within these narrow, colonial-designed brick streets. We love Annapolis' great seafood, the sight of the Naval Academy and all the fresh-faced midshipmen, or "middies" as they are known. We love the Bay Bridge, the largest span over salt water, and the invitation it extends, beckoning everyone to cross to the ocean and all the adventures waiting there. Annapolis was a great choice.

Tom gets an "A+" for this trip. He thought of everything. We had left the temple and it was late and we were starving. I asked the desk clerk for any carryout menus she had for places that would deliver at that hour. There were two, both were pizza joints, which at that moment seemed like manna from heaven. It wasn't necessary. Tom really had thought of everything. There on the table was a fruit and cheese platter, a plate of chocolate-dipped strawberries and a bottle of chilled sparking cider. It was perfect.

After a nice breakfast buffet, we headed into the harbor area for some sight-seeing, when I snapped all these photos. Afterwards, we returned to the hotel and spent the day slopping around, eating pizza and watching the Olympics. A few hours later, a knock on the door revealed Amanda, Nick and little Brady who Tom had invited down as an extra surprise. They brought the cake, and after a seafood dinner we returned upstairs for dessert. Perfect. Sometimes running away from home is good for the soul.

It's back to reality today. But what fun it was to be a slug for a day!

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  1. What a sweet guy!!!! We LOVE Annapolis! We make sure we make it down there EVERYTIME we are in town! I always tell Brandon it is my FAVORITE city I have ever been to! We have spent the Fourth of July the last couple of years. Its a really neat experience!!! Seems to me you had a fantastic birthday I'm glad, you deserve it!!