Saturday, February 13, 2010


The record Maryland snowfall, (which earned a variety of fab names like Snowzilla and Snowmegeddon), is cleared off the critical surfaces for the most part. Tom tried to get to Frederick to the Fed-Ex store but he was turned away at the ramp by an officer who told him the entire city was closed to all traffic except emergency vehicles. Imagine an entire city literally shut down because of snow! Pretty incredible.

Bless my hubby, my darling son-in-law, good friends and the missionaries below us who all worked like machines to keep us cleared and who prevented our roof from collapsing. I wasn't much help with my air cast on, though I did get a bit of shovelling in on some flat, safe surfaces.

During the final assault the barometric pressure must have been too much for my sinuses, leaving me with the worst headache I have ever had. I can't swallow, I obviously can't sleep since I'm typing this at 3 a.m., and the again the edit on my manuscript is suffering.

I'm whining . . . I know. . . I apologize. . .

I tossed this question out to my Facebook friends: "What good are sinuses?" Are they non-essential parts like tonsils, which, by the way, have also incurred my wrath). I currently see no good use for them and frankly, if they aren't contributing positively to my overall happiness and well-being, I'd like to have them removed.

Well, leave it to Facebook. Evidently these folks paid much better attention in biology than I. They rattled off a long list of all the positive things sinuses are supposed to do for us--like providing the resonance for our voices, and purifying the air we breathe. (Feel free to check these facts out in case these are falsehoods being propagated by a pro-sinus minority.)

So it appears we're stuck with these little wonders, and that means I need to keep trying to hit on the perfect sinus remedy. I've got my arsenal lined up: water by the gallons, Tylenol, Pseudophed, antibiotics, Neti Pot, nasal spray. (Do I not sound glamorous?)

The light from the computer screen makes my eyes tear up so I can't work for very long spurts, but at least this project I'm currently editing cracks me up, making the process fun. I should have the new title shortly, and then a cover. I can't wait.

The goal is to get three books out this year--this current-as-yet-untitled dramedy/romance, and books four and five and Free Men and Dreamers. (Book five is primarily the first manuscript I submitted for the series, so it's essentially written). I'm also running a contest right now. You can click on this link to enter. And my web site is about to get a face lift.

Come to think of it . . . maybe this is why my head hurts. . . . hmmmmmm.

Til then, I'll deal with this sinus thing and try to reclaim my cheery disposition. I'll try sleeping again. . . Night all. . .

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